Gracefully Entangled in a Whirlpool of Exchange / Concerning the use of objects

Our response to the objects that the visitors bring is not anymore short and immediate like the first day.
The object is triggering our imagination and becomes part of our world - melts together with what has been there before.
Our performance does not necessarily make direct use of the object. You might or might not see us balancing on your candle holder or doing pirouettes spraying your axe deodorant on the space around.
Your objects become part of our dreaming. We are moved by their colour, their texture, the associations they bring, their particular relation to another object, their way of standing in the whole exhibition space and stay in constant dialog with them all.
Still no object is taken apart or destroyed. You can still find your objects in one piece - the way you brought them.

We aim to create a better circulation, find ways how the objects communicate with each other, the room, the other visitors and the world outside Ruilen.

If you wish to see what the object you brought causes keep checking our blog or visit us at Mediamatic.