About us

Maria Mavridou and Sayaka Akitsu are both freelance performance artists based in Amsterdam. We individually work for a variety of art projects and find time to meet in the in-betweens. In some way or another we are always provided with a space to work, and we offer our performance in exchange. Our activity tends to occur on voluntary basis, slipping through windows of time where financial concerns can be suspended for a while - or more.

Coffee (really a lot), tea (a new option), tobacco (Maria only) are fundamental conditions for the communication between us. We share our interests, concerns, curiosities in physiology and biology, attitudes towards the political situation, gossip and our personal crisis.

Our verbal and physical encounters include different manners of expression such as drawing, singing, games, dancing symmetrically, and more. Elements that eventually arise from such conversations start formulating a performance by themselves, independent from our individual wills, yet including and belonging to both.

What is about to come is always unknown and unpredictable - we always need lots of time to realize what our encounter gives birth to. In front of audiences, viewers, people we meet when being together, we transform to messengers, looking for possibilities, to inject a drop of our shared untamable creativity into a situation.

It is a purely spontaneous generation and our creative fire tends to fade when we attempt to put it into a structure and call it a product.