'The Life & Death Series' @ Answer Me! (OpenPodium) / April 19th

'The Life & Death Series' are performances done with little or no rehearsal and little or no previous agreements. They take place in new situations, and in mostly unknown conditions.These performances are focused on the state of being during performance. What if the choice to perform today was a matter of 'life and death'? Which actions does this cause, what kind of feelings, relations, perceptions of a situation?

Sint Jansstraat 37, 1012HG, Amsterdam


Einstein said.

“There’s no challenge without a crisis. It’s in the crisis where we can show the very best in us. To speak about a crisis is to promote it. Not to speak about it is to exalt conformism. Let us work hard instead. Let us stop, once and for all, the menacing crisis that represents the tragedy of not being willing to overcome it.”


Sayaka&Maria in "Grandmother's white hair" at Inktfisk

In Japan, we say "Till both of us will have white hair" instead of "Till death do us part".