Gracefully Entangled in a Whirlpool of Exchange / Report of the week 14th-18th Nov and some thoughts

Before going to the space our plan was to keep exchanging objects -for-performances created on the spot inside our house and spontaneously approach visitors for conversation, dancing etc. Stick to the idea of this-for-that exchange and play social in our interactions with public.

Our week was marked by several significant events that slightly changed our way of thinking.

1. A beautiful misunderstanding of the idea of Andrea to go on collecting dreams in our house for long term inspired us to write down our own dreams for her. Just before handing them to her we found out she didn't mean to continue with her dream project, so we spontaneously decided to go on playing with the idea of dreams until visitors come.
Loosely playing with this idea led us to dance our own dreams and then use the visitors dreams that were left on a piece of paper inside the house since Museumnacht as an inspiration for a dance, as well as use the dream idea to play with the objects that we collected during the opening night. i.e. view the objects as if they were inside a dream, create our dream with the objects...

The absence of visitors for the first 2 hours contributed in making our loose playing last longer.

2. An occupation of our house by two young kids, Marcello & Michael, who once they entered, didn't let us get in anymore... They kept screaming to us 'Go away, we are trying to sleep!" They were wonderful to watch in there, lying comfortably, casually using the objects, sometimes brushing each other's hair with the little pink broom, simply playing with each other and with what the cardboard box offers as possibilities - not trying to be 'creative'.

We became observers and they the performers.

3. Visit of Bram, a friend, with objects that triggered our imagination and were impossible to do something with immediately. His objects and his sensible presence, inspired us to invite him for a 4 hour session in the next day and play together instead of doing something for him on the spot.
The idea of dancing our dreams seemed to be fitting with Bram and what the objects he brought triggered, so we continued developing in this direction including Bram as additional performer - not a visitor.

4. Visit of our house by a woman called Xu. She gave a ring and our house acquired the name Xu after her. Xu means 'embrace you'

5. Hutspot cooking taking place in front of Xu (our house) on Sunday.
The dinner tables have been so close to us for the week before, we felt like people were eating in our garden. We also felt that the cook was perfectly fitting to our house.
We secretly included the dinner gathering in our dancing dream session.
We decided to remove all the signs about exchange hanging on our walls and focus on creating a warm atmosphere around our house and garden, simply acknowledging the presence of people without asking for more social interaction, playing in between dancing and moving casually through the exhibition, engaging in activities related to our dreams, making installations with beans, receiving vibrations with a big spoon, samurai fighting with a plastic shovel, eating hutspot with mysterious smiles.

What seemed to be important for us during 14th -18th Nov. is:

- use of leftovers - (anything that is left inside or around our house becomes part of our world)
inclusion of everything that occurs in the moment, nothing is considered irrelevant to our work