Gracefully Entangled in a Whirlpool of Exchange / 14th - 18th November

During this week we will be performing around our box/house every day from 14.00 to 18.00.

Throughout the 4 hours we will: 

- Swap performances for objects
Visitors can give us an object and we give them a short performance in return.
These performances take place inside the box and can be seen through the peep-holes.

- Engage in spontaneous actions (inside or outside the box) in relation to 
   - How do we move on?
   - What to do with all this stuff?

Bring us your objects for exchange and feel invited to join our brain/moving storm.
We might approach you for a conversation, ask for your advise or invite you for a dance.

So far our collection consists of:

1. yellow skirt
2. candle holder
3. childrens' red boots
4. colourful broom and shovel
5. lighter
6. cigarette
7. flower seeds
8. plastic straw
9. plastic coin for drink
10. warrior / small toy
11. axe deodorant
12. a card with tiger image
13. woolen ball with soap inside
14. loose piece of plastic stick
15. tiger balm
16. bag of peas (lost during dance)
17. carrot (rotten by now)

...as well as a collection of visitor's dreams - an idea of Andrea, who spent some hours inside our box during Museumnacht.

We will be happy to share with you moments of instant creativity!